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New Excellent Features of VFM-056W/WP 관리자  

Thank you for all of your support and interest over the past year! We wish you the very best in 2011. We, TVlogic, will also do all we can to develop new, creative and innovative products. Now, we'd like to introduce the new features of VFM-056W(P) which are just about to be update!!
TVLogic's New Hot Product-VFM Series 관리자  

Amazingly Light 5.6'' Viewfinder VFM-056W is an amazingly light and compact viewfinder monitor with HD resolution of 1280x800. Its light weight and convenient use provide you the best solution for Indoor and Outdoor vDSLR Shooting.
The G20 Summit was broadcasted by TVLogic Monitors!! 관리자  

Ideal Quad Split Monitor with superior picture quality - LQM Series 관리자  

LQM Series is the ideal choice for flexible full-screen and/or multi-channel picture and waveform/vectorscope monitoring of three or more sources. LQM Series displays eliminate the need for external Quad Split modules. Therefore, TVLOGIC Quad monitor offers the maximum space saving versus 4 normal..
Best choice for most demanding monitoring application- XVM-245W 관리자  

The XVM-245W utilizes a High-Purity RGB Matrix LED backlight array to reproduce the most accurate color possible on an LCD. The XVM-245W meets all EBU Grade 1 specifications for color critical monitors while retaining all of the broadcast features found in the popular LVM Series.
Hot Product Information- PRM Series 관리자  

Replacement of aging rack monitors and installation of new HD-ready systems continue to make the feature-packed and versatile PRM series attractive to broadcasters. For 2010, the PRM series adds three new rack configurations to the line for a total of six rack systems.
TVlogic's New Products for 2010 관리자  

NEW for 2010, the LEM and TDM Series monitors are equipped with AM-OLED panels, the latest achievement in flat panel display technology, providing vivid and lifelike images that you have never experienced before. Also the LUM Series, Quad HD (4K) Monitor, designed for 10-bit 56” widescreen display..