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HEM-100 : HD사내방송을 위한 TVLogic의 새로운 제안!!!
방송용 모니터의 선두 주자 가 된 TVLogic은 축적된 기술과 노하우를 바탕으로 HD사내방송의 보급을 위하여 HEM-100을 개발하였습니다. HEM-100은 디지탈 공청(Digital HEAD-END) 및 디지털 사이니지(Digital Signage)에 대응 가능한 MPEG-2 HD Encoder & ATSC Modulator 입니다.


Cost-Effective Solution with Excellent Quality
With TVLogic’s industry leading technology, the HEM Series can deliver HD video stream in RF signal format through a single coaxial cable to a TV set that is located some hundred meters away. And it can distribute a HD video stream to multiple TV sets using RF distributors which guarantees the cost reduction. The HEM Series is a perfect solution for In-House Broadcasting systems.

Smart Design and Smart Control
Touch Button: Simple and beautiful front control panel design
LCD Indicator: Easy and quick status check through the LCD indicator
LED Alarm: Convenient LED Alarm for checking encoder’s condition
1RU Case: 1RU Compact Size

NMS Support
Ethernet based NMS(Network Management System) is supported as standard.
So the HEM Series can be remotely controlled by using PC to check status and change set value or input source.

Multi-Format Support
The HEM-100 supports most of the current video interfaces to cover the various user needs.
It supports HD/SD-SDI, HDMI(w/ HDCP), Digital RGB(DVI), Analog RGB(VGA) and Analog Videos(CVBS, S-Video, Component Video). Output Video Formats can be 1080i(HEM-100) and 720p(HEM-050).